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  • Easy to use
  • Facilitates shared leadership and management responsibilities
  • Eliminates bottlenecks
  • Encourages participation
  • Reduces workload
  • Improves communications
  • 24-hour multi-level access
  • No software or hardware to purchase or install
  • No web site required
  • Individual modules may be used with existing web sites
  • Reduced mailing costs and paper use
  • No advertising or pop-ups


"Our small national non-profit organization needed help managing communications with our widespread membership, and eChapters came to the rescue. Before, we had problems with different kinds of software that weren't compatible and sharing data was troublesome. And having multiple copies of distribution lists out there created other problems. Now the data is all in one place and everyone can use it."

-- Elizabeth Shypertt, Treasurer
The Art Jewelry Forum

eChapters Benefits

A system that actually works for you

Active System

eChapters systems actively work to help you manage your organization and save your precious time, unlike traditional web sites that only mean more work for you. This carefully designed system minimizes your work and maximizes the effect. It remembers to send meeting notices for you, it makes sending personalized email to all your members trivially easy, helps keep your distribution lists accurate and up-to-date, and it makes holding an election for next term's officers easier than ever before.


Let your members participate directly on the system. They can:
  • Safely update their own contact information and help you keep your membership list accurate and up to date
  • Post notices on bulletin boards
  • Schedule email reminders to themselves
  • View the events calendar
  • View organization documents

Share Leadership Tasks makes it easy to share organizational tasks and responsibilities because the data is available to all of the leadership whenever they need it instead of being stuck and frequently unavailable on someone's computer. That means you can send out the newsletter even when the tresurer is away on vacation.

Organization Data Always Up-To-Date

When organization information such as a membership list and calendar is kept on an individual's computer, sharing that data means making and distributing copies of it. The moment the master copy is updated, all other copies are instantly out-of-date and incorrect and the people who have those copies don't know it. If anyone modifies their copy of the data then there are multiple versions with no easy way to produce a correct database. eChapters solves these problems by providing a single central database where important information can be entered once, stored, organized, and shared instantly.

Simplify Leadership Transitions

Many organizations have regular leadership changes, often annually, which can cause problems when the software and data needs to be handed over to the new president or treasurer and installed on their computer. eChapters eliminates the issue because it works with all computer platforms.

Reduce Mailing Costs

Since the system provides an easy way to send messages to all organization members who have email addresses, the system can significantly reduce mailing costs. Just the postage and paper for a regular monthly postal mailing to a group of 50 people can easily cost more than an eChapters system. A summary of each group email message sent by the system provides the names and mailing addresses of those from the group who don't have email addresses. This saves time, postage, and paper.

Increase Member Participation

A chapter bulletin board offers all members the opportunity to post announcements, want-ads, or other personal messages. A new Scheduled Personal Reminders page gives your members a handy way to send themselves personal reminder emails before birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, deadlines, etc. In addition, your members can review and update their contact information right on the system. This ensures that the system contains the latest and most accurate mailing address, telephone, and email information for your members -- without effort on the part of administrators.

No Investment

Unlike stand-alone database applications or traditional web sites, eChapters eliminates the need for any investment in software, programming, or designers and webmasters. It also eliminates the often extensive amount of time involved in developing a web site. So, for the same low cost you would pay to just host a regular web site, your organization gets a professionally developed membership management system with features designed to save you time and money. No technical expertise or experience is required.

Easy to Use

Anyone who can fill in a form on a computer can quickly learn to add and update information. They simply log in, pick the page to be edited, and click the "Edit Page" link. They will be able to add, edit, or delete information right on the page. Exporting and importing data to and from other applications is easy.

Subscription-based -- No Commitment

eChapters is an ASP (application service provider) supporting membership organizations with practical, powerful and easy-to-use on-line software. The hosted, subscription-based service may be paid for monthly or annually and always includes a free one-month evaluation period with no obligation to continue.
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